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Our company, Dash Express is a small, very personal and client driven freight forwarder located here in Israel.

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  • International shipping
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D.S.S Express is an international shipping company, which handles personal and commercial shipments of exports and imports to Israel. In addition the company also handles the shipment of personal items for export (relocation) from state to state, including professional packing and transport at the customer's new address of the recipient abroad. In addition, the company performs forwarding air and sea objects. In addition D.s.s Express performs a function relocation Go back to returning residents and new immigrants.

The uniqueness of D.s.s Express is a semi-express delivery services of small shipments from door to door, with a minimum weight, this service is intended both for corporations and individuals that carry packages from abroad to Israel and vice versa. In addition, D.s.s Express handles even shipments of third parties (Drofim) from country to country without the need for passage through Israel. It also performs political shipments to countries Israel has no diplomatic relations with them.

Other services provided by the company are a professional packaging shipments of art / and fragile equipment, cargo insurance, relocation services for easy absorption in Israel.


Our relocation department specializes in guiding you or your company through the entire corporate relocation process.

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International Shipping

Dash Express one of the leading multi-model shipping, logistics and relocation companies in the country...

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